Gratitude, Hope & Kindness


Wow these several months have been a test of faith, challenges, unknowns & pain. We as a World & Americans have had to press on in so many ways in which we were not familiar with but as the Bible states, "there is nothing new under the sun".

Looking back on history our ancestors and family members endured similar and much much greater struggles and challenges than we as a 21st century generation could never ever imagine or experience. Unfortunately our bodies & souls still resonate the epigenetic trauma of our ancestors & life philosophies. 

In the mist of so much chaos, hate, strife, illness, death, financial losses, and instability -"such a time is this" that we are alive to become the positive change that you would like to see the world become. Instead of complaining have gratitude & hope for where you are in life at this presence moment because, "trouble don't last always".

After severe storms often times beautiful rainbows & beautiful sunny days appear. To chime in on gratitude I am so thankful for the much support  received this week by my media relations team. I hope that through my business & everyday walking life I am able to shine a little sun on individuals I meet that may be going through a storm.

"Be Kind"- everyone experiences storms that you may not see & are in need of your little bit of sunshine. Plus kindness is free.